Advantages of Veridiam Semi-automated Arrayers Include:

Exact selection of the area of interest using stereo microscope
Built-in automatic alignment of the donor slide and the donor block
On- and off- microscope operating modes
Precise extraction of every tissue core and delivery to the top of the recipient block
Built-in automatic alignment of the donor block and recipient blocks
No tissue compression
Built-in indexing of the donor and recipient blocks
Exact X-Y-Z adjustments, including three Z-height stops

Veridiam Line of Tissue Arrayer Instruments

Semi-automated Veridiam Tissue Arrayers are based on proprietary, patent-pending technologies and allow for creating customized tissue microarrays using multiple tissue cores on a single glass slide. These arrayers are the only tissue array instruments on the marker that have a microscope station integrated with the donor and recipient block stations. All three stations are indexed with each other along the X-Y axes, and a unique multiple Z-height stop technology is introduced in the instrument design.

These features provide enhanced ability to precisely locate the desired area of tissue, extract it quickly and accurately, and deliver the entire tissue core to the top of the donor block.

Our tissue arrayer product line currently includes the VTA-100 (based on a binocular microscope station) and the VTA-110 series (supplied with trinocular microscopes). See table below.

Model VTA-100 is our basic tissue arrayer supplied with a binocular microscope.
Click image for an enlarged view.
Model VTA-110 offers the same features as the VTA-100 basic tissue arrayer, but is provided with a trinocular microscope.
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Model VTA-110C is based on the VTA-110 model supplied with a trinocular microscope and a digital camera with adaptor.
Model VTA-110CC is our most advanced model featuring a trinocular microscope, a digital camera with adaptor, and a laptop fully configured and loaded, per customer's request, with TMA Foresight software package.

The VTA-100 (binocular) and VTA-110 (trinocular) arrayers are designed as the most basic semi-automated instruments.

The VTA-110C is supplied with a digital camera that can be customized to produce higher and lower resolution images. The camera is provided with a standard USB cable and software package for PC and MAC operation systems. Also included is an adaptor manufactured by Veridiam to integrate the camera with the microscope station.

The most advanced model, VTA-110CC, is supplied with a digital camera and a laptop computer. The laptop is fully configured and pre-loaded with digital camera software and, per customers' request, with TMA Foresight software. The laptop will be customized according to each user's requirements.

The optional TMA Foresight package contains data management software designed by Premier Biosoft International to correlate tissue microarray data with clinical parameters and outcomes. We offer a $200 discount on TMA Foresight list price when purchased with any Veridiam tissue arrayer.

Learn more about TMA Foresight software.

Model Microscope
Laptop TMA
VTA-100 Binocular No No Yes (optional)
VTA-110 Trinocular No No
VTA-110C Yes No
VTA-110CC Yes Yes

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