Tissue Array Formats

The design of tissue microarrays prepared using the VTA-100 arrayer depends on the size of the donor paraffin block. We recommend making high-quality arrays, with a reasonable number of tissue cores per slide, allowing for pathologist-friendly imaging and examination of target tissues. Enclosed below are some exemplary tissue array formats:

Using the 2.0 mm Needles = 60 samples (6 x 10)
Using the 1.5 mm Needles = 98 samples (7 x 14)
Using the 1.0 mm Needles = 180 samples (10 x 18)
Using the 0.6 mm Needles = 720 samples (18 x 40)

Microarrays with more samples can be made if tissue cores are added towards the edges of the paraffin.

The microarray tissue section must be contained in the ~ 34 mm x 69 mm Working Area of the standard glass slide. The distance from either edge of the slide should be at least 1 mm.

Standard Glass Slide

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