The advantages of Tissue Array Technology include...

Ease of use
Reduced testing time (by a factor of 50 to 100)
Reduced reagent and labor expenses (by a factor of 10 to 100)
Higher consistency of analysis (all specimens are on the same slide and are treated under the same conditions)
Compatibility with existing immunostaining and image analysis instrumentation
Conservation of valuable tissue
High throughput capabilities
About Tissue Arrays

The tissue arrayer is an innovative medical device intended to produce tissue microarrays. 

Assemblies of multiple tissue cores on standard glass slides are referred to as tissue microarrays, or tissue arrays. [Learn more about tissue arrays

In conventional methodologies, a researcher or medical pathologist would study tissue specimens one section per slide at a time. The tissue arrayer allows forconstructing high-density tissue arrays that contain hundreds of small tissue sections (tissue cores, usually 0.6 mm—2.0 mm in diameter) on one slide. These tissue cores are extracted from standard tissue specimens, tissue blocks (approximately 5 mm x 5 mm x 10 mm) embedded in paraffin and enclosed in standard plastic histology cassettes. 

The main advantages of the tissue array technology are based on the high numbers of tissue specimens on a single slide and the fact that all these sections can be analyzed at one time in a high-throughput format using the same set of reagents. 

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