...for semi-automated tissue microarray instrumentation?

Exact selection of the area of interest using stereo microscope.
Built-in automatic alignment of the donor slide and the donor block.
On- and off- microscope operating modes.
Precise extraction and delivery of paraffin tissue cores.
Built-in automatic alignment of the donor block and recipient blocks.
No tissue compression.
Built-in indexing of the donor and recipient blocks.
Exact X-Y-Z adjustments, including three Z-height stops.

About Veridiam Tissue Arrayer

Historically, tissue processing and analysis were performed on a one tissue section per slide basis. Our tissue arrayer instrumentation provides tools for constructing high–density tissue arrays, which may contain over 500 tissue sections on one slide. This, in turn, results in major savings in time, money and valuable tissues and ensures reliable results in modern high-throughput histopathology.

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Veridiam Tissue Arrayer, located in Oceanside, California, is a part of the Veridiam group of companies. Veridiam is one of the world's largest contract manufacturers of assemblies and precision components machined from high performance metal alloys and medical grade plastics. Leveraging over 60 years of industry experience, Veridiam serves the medical, dental, nuclear, aerospace, industrial and semiconductor markets. Veridiam has 3 locations, 2 in the San Diego area (El Cajon and Oceanside) and a 3rd facility in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Veridiam is compliant with the strictest QA/QC programs in the world. Our products have been thoroughly tested and inspected at every stage of the production process. Through ongoing improvements in key manufacturing processes, statistical process control, and a complementary range of nondestructive testing, we are committed to providing the highest quality products and services.

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Veridiam seeks distributors outside of the USA for its tissue array products manufactured in Oceanside, California. Interested persons and organizations are encouraged to contact us for more details about terms and conditions of distributorship.

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